‘The Help’

‘The Help’ written by Kathryn Stockett is a depiction of the lives of black women who raised white children, specifically in Jackson, Mississippi, 1962.

Chapter one consists of an introduction to Aibileen and the lifestyle she currently leads, beginning with Mae Mobley Leefolt the seventeenth white child she has raised, she disscusses every role she has with the Leefolt family and how they in turn impact on her own life. We are given an insight to her personal life, an insight to the death of her son, and the hardships she faces in everyday situations.

     Miss Leefolt holds a dinner party, in which white women are invited and in this scene Aibleen is discriminate againsr openly but she accepts their brutality in words and actions, (they disscuss the sharing of bathrooms) 

    Mae Mobbley could be a symbol of representing black women – they are barely acknowledged by society as humans just as Mae is hardly noticed by her mother.

    Miss Skeeter is a glimmer of hope for the black community, she makes subtle conversation with Aibleen and hears her opinions.


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