W B Yeats – An Introduction

  • William Butler Yeats was born in Dublin in 1865 – spending his childhood in Sligo, Dublin and London.
  • He, in Dublin enrolled himself into the Metropolitan school of Art in 1884.
  • In 1885 he became a founder-member of the Dublin Hermetic Society
  • He had many interests which included magic, the Occult and the supernatural.
  • He had a significant involvement in Irish Politics and was in love with the revolutionary Maud Gonne.
  • The subject matter of his poetry was influenced upon by the peopl around him, and reflected many aspects of his life, including the people he knew and his past and present life.
  • His early work showed a reflection of escapism whereas his later work related to pushing experiences to a limit.
  • In 1922 he became a Senator of the newly founded Irish Free State.
  • He settled in Dublin with Georgie Hyde-Lees who he had married in 1917.
  • He died at Roquebrune, France in January 1939.

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