‘The Help’ – Chapter two

Chapter two of ‘The Help’ relates to a topical, historical event at the time – the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955 with Rosa Parks. This specific bus journey Aibileen took shows somewhat compassion between the maids, they feel content and can “sit anywhere” this, to me shows even though there was discrimination against black women, they still find happiness with the people that are around them.

       Aibileens relationship with Mae Mobbley is also mentioned, she calls her “my baby” and “baby girl” in some contexts I feel it is showing a stronger relationship between Mae and Aibileen than with her own mother.

      A quotation in chapter two that I feel is significant is “My yard, I reckon it be somewhere in between” (page 16). Although she is describing her home, the surroundings and her garden, I think there is also references to her being a link between black and white people – she commutes with black people but is the maid for white families.

     Significantly in this chapter Minny looses her job – having been accused of stealing.

      The first reference to the situation of separate bathrooms is also noted – a bathroom is to be built for Aibileen but it is “right out there in the garage” (page 29)


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