‘The Help’ – Chapter three

Chapter three consists mainly of the introduction to Minny’s new job. Minny is given the job as Miss Celie’s maid but this situation is somewhat different to other white families she has worked for in the past. For example Miss Celie is new to the idea of having a maid especially a black women and so begins of by asking Minny for her opinions and ideas “I guess….. whenever you feel like coming” she shows a more compromising approach towards Minny unlike other families she had previously served for.

This chapter also examines the fact that Minny and other black maids know their place in their own homes and in the homes of the families they work for. Minny knew the rules of being a maid as taught by her mother, therefore showing she has and will continually know her place, what she can and cannot say and do. “Rule number five: you eat in the kitchen”.


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