W. B. Yeats – ‘Septemeber 1913’

This poem illustrates the views from W.B. Yeats when Ireland was a contemporary place but now has changed. The opinions and actions of people who were once Romantics and believed in the culture and heritage of Ireland have now changed in fitting with the physical and emotional changes portrayed by the land and it’s people.

    He condemns Ireland for betraying its past and losing it’s passion, it also presents a view of reminiscing of the old ways and ‘original’ people that are now dreamt of. The quotation “Yet they were a different kind” emphasises the changes that are now present but the disagreement of what has happened and what is to come.

    Religious references are also mentioned as the people who died, died for Ireland and what they believed in. The real spirit of Ireland is mentioned in references to Irish fighters and admiration for serving for not only their country but for their culture.

     Specific naming of leaders involved and references to Maude Gonne shows in effect the number of people who fought for their beliefs and the changes that were soon to come. Each ‘character’ has had some important involvement in the life of W. B Yeats and they are remembered for their inspiration and influences upon W. B. Yeats regarding the Romantic influences and Old Irish culture.


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