‘The Help’ – Chapter four

This chapter disscusses the daily jobs and routines Minny does as the new maid for Miss Celie and her husband Mister Johnny. Fear is a central aspect to this chapter as Minny is constantly on edge as to whether Mister Johnny will one day come home and she will face the consequences of his suspected anger. This aspect of fear can also coincide with the majority of the black community, they are in constant fear of racial prejudices and the actions whether verbally or physically they will have to face as part of their daily lives.

   Minny is curious as to why there are no children in such a large house, why Miss Celie is always tired and why she rarely leaves the house. She does not dwell on this issue as she always remembers white womens problems are not her business – as told by her mother. This, for me shows the kind nature of Minny, and how she respects Miss Celie and her extreme privacy.


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