‘An Irishman Forsees His Death’

This poem it about an Irishman realising that he is close to death, he along with W.B Yeats sees his expression of his feelings as a romantic movement and that he feels self-assured at his death, and Yeats makes sure there is an understanding of the Irishman’s views and feelings and that they have been interpreted in a way he feels satisfied with.

        The poem is paradoxical with some reference to a reflection of war itself, the aftermath and effects it has on certain people and the surroundings, there is almost questioning of why there is creation when there is destruction as a concluding occurence. It is one of Yeats’ most thoughtful and controversial poem in relation to war and the conflict it causes.

         The Irishman is the son of Lord and Lady Gregory, with a link to his poem ‘In memory of Major Robert Gregory’ there are references to the Irishman wanting an independent and free life, aswell as when he dies, he is philosophical on his life and death and references are made in to poem to people and experiences that are important to him such as his parents.


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