W. B. Yeats – ‘Leda and the Swan’

This poem is of Greek Mythology in which a swan rapes a girl named Leda. The poem is going through as a story of how it unfolds. This poem is the beginning of  a chain of events that will unfold, due to the birth of Leda’s baby, Helen of Troy. She causes upheavel and war – with herself as a sort of leading figure in a time she feels is unjust and should be changed.

       The poem is  almost a descriptive build up of what is to come, meaning the violent and mysterious language and tone is the outcome of Helen’s revolutionary actions. The poems language presents a violent description of the power of rape. It describes the rape and a unnexpcted attack and that the situation is described as though the readers are watching the events unfold and have an interpretation of what is to come.

     Along with Greek Mythology there is a theme of God almost playing with humans, that shows the significance of the swan, a pure and beautiful creature – turns into a violent attack on a undefensive women. The representation of a swan shows the mystery and myths of Greek mythology and how it causes certain events to occur.


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