W.B Yeats – ‘The Second Coming’

This is a poem about the ‘Second Coming’ being Jesus but that it is not welcome in society and the community. It is a poem that sums up the aftermath of the war and what had happened – how people were now feeling. My interpretation is that they feel nothing can help them, they are on their own and religious prospects are limited.

     The themes within this poem are disorder and chaos, in people mixed feelings, upheaval in which war and revolution had corrupted the society and an apocalyptic vision in which there is a known idea that the ‘Second Coming’ will not be a good and positive reaction and outcome to people’s disbelief.

     Biblical references are mentioned in this poem, how there is no salvation for the people because of the disruption that has been caused. “A shape with lion body and head of a man” this interpretation comes from the old testament and in my opinion is shows that no matter how many ‘shapes’ the second coming can turn into it does not fully demonstrate and help the situation at risk – that no help, however much is shown can actually help the people of the community.


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