‘The Help’ – chapters 5-7

These chapters present a specific representation of friendship and communication between black amd white women, the particular reference to Aibileen and Miss Skeeter, and the bond they have made with past experiences, present views amd future challenges. These chapters can also show the extremities of fear of black people. This is presented well in the adaptation of the film in which the character of Aibileen shows fear and the consequences of almost rebellion to what white people want.


2 thoughts on “‘The Help’ – chapters 5-7

  1. School Closure.
    I will put up the key points from the lesson we should have had today by the end of today in a new post on weloveenglishlit. Please check this out, and contact any other students in the class you have contact with to do the same. It is really important this work is attempted over the Easter holidays. Thank you. 🙂

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